Do. The AdSurge Way.

"Do. Or Do not. There is no try." -Yoda.

Today's post if more focused on inspiring you to be successful. At AdSurge we have a particular way of working - and we wanted to share it with you all to see if it might help your raise the bar on your own personal performance.

Our process is this.

Whenever we are working with a new publisher, a new source of traffic or a new advertiser - we always act the same way.


It's no secret that success is a combination of working smart, and working hard - but we believe it's about a little more than that. It's also about making the big decisions. Paralysis by analysis is a real thing and the ability to actually 'make' decisions on your data is the most important thing you can do.

As a publisher - if you've been thinking about trying something on your site: a new layout, different calls to action - whatever it may be - just do it!

The worst thing that can happen is that things don't go as you expected and your test fails. Learn the lesson and test again. Repeat this process over and over. Learn from your mistakes, take more chances and you're 1000x more likely to find success with your business.

If that isn't enough, take a page out of Shia LeBouef's book. This guy could put the entire 'Self-Help' section out of business with one speech.


Good luck,
The AdSurge Team

Adblock Plus.


In a move that shocked many - popular ad blocking service Adblock Plus has decided to start selling ads through its own marketplace.

Yes you read that correctly. A service designed to stop ads - is now selling ads.

The move was announced earlier this week and is sending shock waves through the internet advertising community. The idea is that certain ads will be 'white listed' and be allowed to display on publisher pages. 


These ads will be 'less intrusive' and vetted by the Adblock Plus team. However, this raises some very important questions.

1) Will web users switch to a different ad blocker to receive an ad free experience?

2) How will other ad blockers react to this news, will they change their offerings as well?

3) How will Adblock determine which ads are a fit or not? (Some more information on that here)

4) Will this mean that certain advertisers will possess a competitive advantage over others? How will this be policed? How will it shake up the advertising landscape?

All these questions and more will be answered over the next few months - but it is definitely an interesting time to be an internet marketer.


The AdSurge Team

The Purple Cow is Alive and Well.


Confession. That's not a cow.  It's a zebra. We noticed.

What the heck is a purple cow? 

Today’s lesson is simple. But one of the most important you might ever learn.

One of the most influential marketing writers of all time - Seth Godin, coined the phrase in 2003 and it’s as true today as it was back then, especially for internet marketers and advertisers.

The basic premise is simple. Imagine all the times you’ve driven down the road in the countryside. You’ve probably driven past hundreds if not thousands of cows in your lifetime. They all sort of blend into each other after awhile. Brown cow. Black cow. White cow. Brown cow. Purple cow.


That is the power of standing out in your marketplace. The power of standing for something. The power of getting noticed. Hundreds and thousands of people before you and after you will be completely ignored - but not you.

It boggles our minds how many publishers and advertisers focus on doing ‘exactly’ what everyone else is doing. Doing what everyone else is safe - comfortable, attractive. It’s hard to make a case for the unknown, especially in digital advertising which already possess so many unknowns already. 

Okay, great. How do I do that though?!

Simple. Stop following the crowd. Stop copying successful sites. Stop pushing the same content everyone else is pushing. Stop playing it safe. Stand for something. Have a message. Have a brand. Be bold. Stand out.



Action item:

Take a look over your blog, site, product, advertisement and  compare it to your competition and ask yourself a simple question: Too my audience, am I just another brown cow? Another black cow? Or am I a purple cow?



But if everyone stands out, won’t NOBODY stand out?

Honestly? No. The truth of the world is that there are far more followers than there are leaders. Who do you want to be?

If you want any ideas on how to improve your site or you want discuss marketing strategy - reach out to and let us know. We’re happy to chat with you.


The AdSurge Team

Dancing in the Dark. Feeling the Effects of Dark Social.

The Problem. And what it means for you.

If you spend a lot of time in front your analytics dashboards (and we do) - you will no doubt have noticed that a large portion of your site traffic, the majority in fact, falls into a the mysterious and elusive category category labeled ‘direct’. Most links to your site can be captured via buckets like ‘Social’ , ‘Organic’ and ‘Search’ which allows you to easily measure the effectiveness of  your campaigns across different sources. Clean. Simple. Easy.

Then there’s the ‘Direct’ category. What a jerk.

This category represents links to your site that have been passed along via messaging apps, emails and literally anywhere else on the web and in many cases can represent 70% of your traffic or greater. These sources are off the radar and completely untraceable and un-measurable. This is frustrating for a few reasons, but let’s highlight the two most relevant to you:


Problem One: It causes huge issues for reporting. 
It prevents marketers from effectively seeing who is linking to them and from where. Often times users interact with the web through multiple devices, which doesn’t always allow for a clear picture of internet usage and history based on the way cookies are assigned. This affects costing, reporting, testing, conversions and can be an absolute mess.

Problem Two: An enormous source of missed revenue.
It also represents an enormous missed opportunity for the industry. How do we serve ads to these individuals? Where are they? How are they spending their time? What are they doing? What are they saying about us? Why are they so shy?

This, is the dreaded Dark Social (a term coined by Alexis Madrigal) and with messaging apps overtaking social apps for the first time ever, is set to become the main challenge facing marketers in North america over the next few years (this phenomenon is already maturing in Europe and Asia).


What, if anything, can you do about it? 

Right now? Not a whole lot. Platforms  like Facebook messenger and Kik are looking to become one-stop shops for anything and everything their users could ever need..

Imagine shopping online, checking the weather, being informed of sales, getting custom news, alerts and reminders - all curated, delivered and communicated to you automatically through bots that live within these chat apps. The idea is very similar to that of a concierge or an online assistant.

We’ll be exploring this more in later posts, but this is definitely a topic you should educate yourself on so that when the market shift and these platforms seek to monetize themselves, you are ready. Tencent, the creator of Chinese app WeChat has injected an enormous amount of cash into Kik to try and accelerate this process - so the future could be coming sooner than we all expect.


AdSurge IQ

What the heck is programmatic buying? And why it’s good for your wallet.

Programmatic media buying icons

Internet marketing, like most other types of marketing is about pairing the right offers with the right audiences. Over the years this is something human beings have gotten exceptionally good at.

But - we’ve been getting a whole lot better. Marketing automation has been growing since the early 2000’s but last year it accounted for almost ¼ of all marketing revenue worldwide. It’s safe to say this trend is no longer simply ‘emerging’ – but is rapidly picking up steam.

Get specific. Crazy specific.

Would you like to only target your new textbook sharing app at 21 year old German students browsing from their laptops at 8PM in the evening? Done. Do you want to compare that performance again 19-25 year old graduate students in Japan during the afternoon? Do it. Programmatic media buying means that you can make your campaigns as granular and targeted as you’d like.

Maximize revenues and profits for everyone involved. (Including the target audience!)

The entire goal of programmatic advertising is that sales are maximized for the advertiser, payouts maximized to the publisher and relevant ads are delivered to the end user actually browsing the web. Not only does everyone win, but everyone wins with the BEST possible outcomes.

Data means things only gets better.

The key to all of this is data - and lots of it. The more information a platform has the more sophisticated and reliable its decisions are. In other words – it gets smarter as time goes on. The best gets better and the happy get happier.

Where does AdSurge come in?

We’re working on a few unique ideas that are on the horizon to not only leverage the power of programmatic advertising, but also the idea of competition within certain verticals. Stay tuned for any future announcements but in the meantime – here are some other resources on this fascinating topic:

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