The Purple Cow is Alive and Well.


Confession. That's not a cow.  It's a zebra. We noticed.

What the heck is a purple cow? 

Today’s lesson is simple. But one of the most important you might ever learn.

One of the most influential marketing writers of all time - Seth Godin, coined the phrase in 2003 and it’s as true today as it was back then, especially for internet marketers and advertisers.

The basic premise is simple. Imagine all the times you’ve driven down the road in the countryside. You’ve probably driven past hundreds if not thousands of cows in your lifetime. They all sort of blend into each other after awhile. Brown cow. Black cow. White cow. Brown cow. Purple cow.


That is the power of standing out in your marketplace. The power of standing for something. The power of getting noticed. Hundreds and thousands of people before you and after you will be completely ignored - but not you.

It boggles our minds how many publishers and advertisers focus on doing ‘exactly’ what everyone else is doing. Doing what everyone else is safe - comfortable, attractive. It’s hard to make a case for the unknown, especially in digital advertising which already possess so many unknowns already. 

Okay, great. How do I do that though?!

Simple. Stop following the crowd. Stop copying successful sites. Stop pushing the same content everyone else is pushing. Stop playing it safe. Stand for something. Have a message. Have a brand. Be bold. Stand out.



Action item:

Take a look over your blog, site, product, advertisement and  compare it to your competition and ask yourself a simple question: Too my audience, am I just another brown cow? Another black cow? Or am I a purple cow?



But if everyone stands out, won’t NOBODY stand out?

Honestly? No. The truth of the world is that there are far more followers than there are leaders. Who do you want to be?

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The AdSurge Team