The AdSurge Difference


A proven track record of success.

The world of internet marketing is noisier than ever – filled with Publishers and Advertisers looking to turn their hard-earned website traffic and visitors into dollars. On the other side of the equation, the marketplace is filled with advertisers trying to find buyers for their offers across a variety of verticals.

That’s where we come in.

We serve as the matchmakers between advertisers and publishers – and we’ve gotten pretty good at it

What sets us apart?

Our team brings over 10 years of industry experience to the table. Internet marketing is above all a relationship business and we have connections across the globe to ensure success in any market.


The flexibility of a start-up

Our agile approach to decision making allows us to focus on what works today, not what worked yesterday. We don’t get bogged down in the minutia of a project and aren't afraid to stop something if it isn't working.


Our Core Value

Treat people like gold.

Whether it’s a new advertising partner, a candidate at an interview or a three-year employee – we believe in treating people the way they deserve to be treated: like gold.

This allows us to deliver a phenomenal customer service experience, top industry performance and a warm and engaging office environment.