Here at AdSurge we believe that your job is something you should take pride in. Some would have you believe that 'hard work is it's own reward'. We tend to disagree. We believe that hard work should be rewarded. Below you will find an assortment of perks and benefits we offer to all of our employees. 


Work with your team to set quarterly targets to control your own growth.

Catered breakfast every morning. Make your wallet happy and your stomach full.

Start your weekend early. 'Freedom Fridays' means you get to spend more time doing what you love. <3

Our office is located in the heart of downtown Montreal. Time to dust off your French-English dictionary.

Dress code? What dress code? Ditch the suit. But only if you want to.


Ditch the car. Take the metro. We'll help you pay for your metro pass each month.

 We are big fans of smiles at AdSurge.

James Maxwell | Community Manager

James can be most readily described in 4.5 words: Firecracker. Sarcasm. Smile. Swaglord. Wha-? As Community Manager, he tries to keep folks smiling around the office (yes, even during winter) and is our voice to the outside world.  He definitely did not write this because it would be weird to refer to himself in 3rd person.  If you want to talk to him (me) about what it’s like working here or if you need a friend shoot an email to


Sandra Morcos | Talent Scout

Hailing from Egypt, Sandra is our resident Cleopatra. She’s also our resident Liam Neeson (think Taken Liam Neeson, not Star Wars Liam Neeson). You could say that over her career she’s acquired a very specific set of skills. Skills that make her very dangerous to someone like you. She’ll find you. She will hire you. Her biggest weaknesses? Chocolate and Sephora. Seriously, do not give her any chocolate or start a conversation about makeup. You've been warned.

The ability to contribute to projects that are meaningful and important to the growth and the development of my coworkers is something I’m certainly grateful for.
— James Maxwell, AdSurge


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